Passengers and visitors are advised to avoid the ‘gate traffic’ in Florence as it will cause traffic jams and congestion.

The city’s road authorities have said that it is impossible to predict exactly how many people will be stuck in the city as the road is still under construction and there are many bridges that will need to be repaired.

It is estimated that the total number of cars will be about 500,000.

On Friday night, a traffic jam started to form on the road between Florence’s Ciampino-Palazzo area and the northern suburbs of Modena.

The traffic is currently moving at about 50 kilometers per hour, with many drivers opting to avoid it.

However, the traffic is still a challenge as the city is still undergoing a major reconstruction work.

This traffic jam is one of the major problems that has to be dealt with in the area, the head of the traffic police, Giancarlo Lazzari, told Sky TG24.

“The traffic jam has developed into a major problem, with a lot of people unable to get to work, hospitals, schools, businesses, and other places due to the delay in the reconstruction.”

We are currently working with the city’s engineers to deal with this problem, as it means that we will not have a complete solution for a long time.

“There are also fears that the road may collapse.

Lazzari said that a new bridge has been put in place on the M1 motorway in Modena, which will provide a safer alternative.

However the road will also be closed in the coming days.

The road is expected to be open again in the summer, but the city authorities are still assessing how the situation will affect residents.

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