When William Gates decided to join the faculty at Stanford University, he didn’t expect to make such an impact.

But after spending a year working on the computer system that would ultimately become the Internet, Gates was surprised by the level of support that came his way.

“We were a tiny group of students and faculty, and we didn’t have the resources or the support to take advantage of,” Gates says.

“It was so inspiring that we ended up with a $1 million grant to make a computer for ourselves.”

Gates, now 84, is now the director of Stanford’s Center for Internet & Society, where he is focused on accelerating the spread of information and technology around the world.

He is also a director of the Gates Scholarship Foundation, which has been helping to raise money to help students from underserved communities get the help they need to pursue their dreams.

“When I first got into computers and I went to Stanford, I was working on a program called the WGS,” Gates recalls.

“The idea was to give people a computer to teach them how to program, and to have a network of computer labs so they could share their knowledge.”

As Gates grew and started to teach computer science at the local community college, he was able to see that there was a huge gap in how students were learning and how the programs were being implemented.

“I wanted to help the students in the community that weren’t getting a computer, so I started working on an initiative called the Gates Scholarships,” Gates explains.

“And it was the first time that we’d ever offered scholarships in our entire life.”

Since then, Gates has been a huge supporter of the initiative, which he has been working on with the rest of the Foundation’s board.

Since it launched in 2008, the Gates scholarships have helped hundreds of students from underrepresented groups get the computer skills they need in the classroom, and they’ve given the brightest students the opportunity to go on to the next level of education.

In fact, the majority of the students who receive the Gates scholarship are in STEM fields, such as engineering, computer science, or math.

And they are able to take the programs at Stanford and transfer to other colleges in California and around the country.

The Gates Scholars program has been particularly helpful for people from minority groups, including Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American students.

“For us to be able to give these students access to the kinds of opportunities that they need, we need to be sure that we have the right people in the right place at the right time,” Gates said.

“That’s really what the Gates program is about.”

Gifts to underrepresented studentsThe Gates Scholarship program is now administered by the William G. Gates Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The foundation has awarded $1.5 billion in grants over the past four years, and the program has made significant contributions to many underrepresented communities around the globe.

For example, the program helped more than 6,000 students in China, and more than 2,000 people from Latin America and the Caribbean get their high school diplomas.

In addition, the foundation has given grants to more than 1,400 African-American students in California, and 1,000 from Brazil.

Gates also helped establish a $20 million scholarship for a Nigerian-American boy who has ADHD, a form of attention deficit disorder.

Gates also supported the work of a group of high school students who were in Nigeria to develop an app to help them learn math.

“What really drives me, in terms of the programs that we’re trying to do, is we don’t know how to give students who have been struggling,” Gates notes.

“So if we can give them an education that’s going to prepare them for the kind of opportunities they need for their future, that’s what we’re really trying to achieve.”

Groups like the Gates Foundation and the Gates Scholar program are part of a larger movement of young people working to make sure that their future is prepared for them.

Gates, for one, is determined to continue working with other young people to help solve these kinds of problems, and he has plans to expand the Gates Initiative in the coming years.

Groups that work with underrepresented youth are already seeing their numbers grow as the economy has grown more diverse and the cost of college has dropped.

The William G Gates Foundation has also made significant strides in the areas of women’s empowerment, which Gates says is the most important area of the country’s advancement.

In recent years, Gates and other prominent leaders have begun to acknowledge the importance of increasing the participation of women in society.

The recent election of President Donald Trump and the fact that women now comprise a majority of voting voters have created an opportunity for leaders to talk about issues like gender equality, gender-based violence, and economic inequality.

And it’s no surprise that young people are seeing these issues and are looking to get involved.

“Women make up about 45 percent of all

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