Trump has made it clear that he will not be constrained by any kind of “rules” that protect the interests of America’s elite.

“The world is not a good place,” he told a group of businessmen on a private jet in New Jersey in June.

“If you have something to sell, don’t tell me about it.

The world is a very dangerous place.

It’s like an oil spill.

It happens all the time.” 

The President also said that he believes the world is being manipulated by the media.

“What I have learned from my experience, is that the press has gotten away with a lot,” he said, according to The New York Times.

“They have gotten away, because they’re not smart enough.

They’re not objective enough.

And they’re lazy.

And so they get away with it.

I have to say that the media is probably the worst, because the people who work in the media are the most dishonest.

I think it’s time to say: What are we going to do about it?”

The real media, the real press, is in the pocket of the elites, because it’s not a democracy.

So they’re always going to have a bias.

They always will,” Trump said, adding that “they’re always looking for something.

“Trump’s comments have not only come as a surprise to many, but also a bit of a surprise, given his comments in the past that he had never heard of the term “alternative facts” and that he would like to “destroy” the news media.

“You have a very bad, very dishonest media, and the people that work for it, it’s the real dishonest media. “

They are totally corrupt,” he has said.

“You have a very bad, very dishonest media, and the people that work for it, it’s the real dishonest media.

And the people are getting away with murder.

They want it all.

And you know what?

I’m not going to let them get away this time.

I don’t care what they do.

I’m going to take care of them.” 

Trump has also repeatedly attacked media outlets that publish the news that the President disagrees with, saying that he has “no respect for what you have to report, because you know, you’re not allowed to report it.”

“The press is not allowed in the White House.

They can’t report on things that the president doesn’t like,” he tweeted in May.

“And when they do, they don’t report it well, or they write it very badly.” 

 In April, the President called the news coverage of the protests in the U.S. and the protests worldwide “dishonest.”

“If there was ever any doubt, the media coverage of these protests, the fact that they were taking place in the streets of our country, is Dishonest and disgusting,” he wrote on Twitter.

“No President, or President, should ever tolerate the disrespect shown by the dishonest press.


He has also said he believes that the mainstream media is a “political organization” and not a “fair and balanced” outlet.

He said that while he does not believe that the American press has any “objective” bias, he does believe that there is “fake news” and “fake opposition” out there.

“I’m going back to a certain time when we used to call the press the enemy,” Trump tweeted in April.

“But I don, and I don and I can’t.”

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