Wooden Baby Gate: An Australian-inspired wooden baby gate made from wood, paper, metal and other materials.

1 / 14 Australian-style wooden baby gates have been a popular option in the US for decades, but have been banned in the UK, Australia and Canada, with Australia adopting the American design.

The Australian government says the baby gate is “a new type of security for children”, while critics say it’s a sign of a growing concern about the safety of children.

The gate is designed with the aim of deterring thieves from accessing children’s property by offering a barrier of wooden posts and posts on top of it.

The metal post on the top of the gate is so heavy that it is not designed to be pulled by an adult, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported in 2014.

The gates were first introduced in the United States in the early 1900s.

Today, they are popular in Europe, including Germany and France.

The baby gate in question was manufactured in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

The UK’s Department of Transport says the gate has been used for “some time” in Australia and has been “a success”.

In 2015, the government said the gate was a “world-leading safety innovation”.

The gates are now in use by the Australian Army, the Commonwealth Bank and several state and local government agencies.

“We know it’s not perfect,” the Department of Transportation said in a statement.

“But it is better than nothing.

The fact it has been a success in Australia shows it works.”

We are proud to be part of the new generation of Australian security and protection technologies.

“Read more about baby gates.

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