Tommy Gates Foods, Inc. is one of the largest meat processing companies in the country, producing over 200 million pounds of meat products each year.

Tommy Gates’ business is also an important part of the Vermont economy, providing jobs, income and a quality product.

“We’ve got to keep our kids happy, our health, and our communities healthy,” said Tommy’s President, John L. Johnson, in an interview with Vermont Public Radio.

“Our kids are our most valuable asset.

They are our first priority, and we are proud of that.”

 The company is also a major employer, with more than 10,000 employees in Vermont and across the country.

“Our business model is to keep the environment and animals in line with our values,” Johnson told Vermont Public Media.

Johnson said the company has been a pioneer in reducing emissions in its meat production.

In order to do this, he said, they rely on environmental stewardship practices, which he explained means using less and less land to grow plants and less and no animal testing.

Tommy’s operations are located in Burlington, Vermont.

The company produces meat products that are locally sourced and sourced sustainably, according to Johnson.

He said that in order to meet the growing demand for their products, the company is working with a number of environmental groups to educate consumers on the health impacts of meat production and their impact on the environment.

As for the company’s environmental efforts, Johnson said they focus on reducing the impact of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases on the climate.

According to the Vermont Department of Agriculture, the state has an estimated carbon dioxide emissions of about 745,000 metric tons per year.

To date, the environmental impacts of the meat industry have been a top concern, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting that meat production is the most CO2-intensive industry in the U of S. On January 2, 2019, Johnson signed a memorandum of understanding to donate $50 million to Vermont’s Green Alliance for Clean Food.

The agreement calls for the donations to be used to help Vermont clean up its air and water.

With the signing of the agreement, Johnson is also pledging $25 million in federal funding to help improve air quality in Vermont.

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